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Bart Skils & Mark Reeve Present Double-Side Single ‘East Of The Sun – Walk In The Wild’

Legendary producers and DJs Bart Skils and Mark Reeve unveil their double A-side titled ‘East Of The Sun’ and ‘Walk In The Wild’. Each song in this pack is loaded with kicks and tunes perfect for a good time at a post-pandemic festival.

This comes as we see more news about the resumption of activities. Also, while we contemplate the return of many events, one thing is clear, the pandemic is about to end. With this comes a slew of new singles that start the engines for a time of rebirth for the scene. An example of this is the new single of these two techno legends.‘East Of The Sun’ and ‘Walk In The Wild’ that is a double A-Side from two of the collective’s most reliable artists that get us warmed up for a summer to remember.

East Of The Sun- Walk In The Wild

Following several successful original releases and remixes like ‘Surreal’, the Dj and producer Bart Skils never ceases to amaze us. Skils steps up with another divine cut on Truesoul, guaranteed to elicit goosebumps upon impact. ‘East of the Sun’ has Bart’s trademark silky groove but leaves its mark via a celestial break made for misty-eyed morning moments.

While Mark Reeve’s first contribution to the Truesoul collective since 2017 is an ace, it’s a tender cut to ease us back into the rave. A shimmering lead builds patient energy throughout the first half of the track before fading into a brief yet exhilarating silence. When the beat kicks back in, we can already picture the collective headrush the dancefloor will experience.

You can listen to Bart Skils & Mark Reeve – ‘East Of The Sun’ and ‘Walk In The Wild’ below!

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