These Awesome Beats Wireless Buds Are Only $39 Right Now


Want Beats Flex wireless earbuds for cheap? They’re now available on Amazon for $39. The earphones came out last year when Apple stopped including EarPods with iPhones. Now, wearable wireless technology increases its competition with lower prices. At 22% off its retail price, all color options (black, blue, yellow, and gray) are also on sale.

The Flex earphones allow all-day wireless connectivity, even though they are connected with one wire. Magnetic earbuds and auto-pause let you know the music on deck while they’re off. You can pick up where you left off when you put them back on. With accurate bass and ultra-low distortion on an advanced acoustic platform, it features custom layered drivers as well. Enjoy up to 12 hours of listening time and seamless connectivity with the Apple W1 chip for an extended range.

The neat thing is onboard controls for volume, calls, and music. We know how pesky the AirPods can be if you give just one tap and it disconnects you from your call. Plus, the attaching wire means you’ll never lose them. The only downside is an inconsistent sound quality, as rated by Endgadget. It also doesn’t support hands-free Siri, for those that use it.

It still retails for $49.99 on the Beats website. But if you want to get a discount, go here. If you’re looking for a different type of wireless earphone without the connecting wire, there are many others on the market. Treat yourself!