Coachella Has Officially Sold Out for 2022


Coachella is easily one of the most well-known festivals. Founded in 1999, the event continues to dominate with organizing the biggest acts, special one-of-a-kind performances, and the breathtaking scenery. Located in stunning Palm Springs, California, it’s an easy decision for many to attend. And that is exactly what just was announced today! All tickets for their 2022 event have been purchased and it is sold out.

However, there’s still hope if you missed out! According to a tweet from Coachella’s headquarters, there is a waitlist that will help those in need. You can view the website here. The site offers assistance to those who are looking to swap tickets for weekend – for example, if you want to attend weekend 2 but have weekend 1 passes. Also, down below on the page, you can add your info so you can request a pass. Lastly, there is option that helps with selling your ticket outright if you cannot attend any longer.

As always, the festival encourages to not always trust third party reselling websites. No matter what, there’s much to get excited about. Only 315 more sleeps until we reunite in the desert!