Doctor Neiman Goes Full Savage Mode On The Newly Released ‘men.’


It’s always refreshing to step out of your comfort zone, and find new music. Today, I’ve done just that, courtesy of Doctor Neiman. In the past, we’ve seen Doctor Neiman debut on NCS with his tune ‘Wait For Me’. Now, we get to hear him make his return to music, with a second debut, this time on Play Me Records via his track ‘men.‘.


‘men.’ is easily on the harder side of the music spectrum, and can be said to be one of Doctor Neiman’s dirtiest releases yet. The tune can be said to be a thunderous banger, evoking the ferocity of a woman who’s been wronged. After giving the tune a listen, I think you might know exactly what I’m speaking of.

The chaotic nature of the sound design is stoked by feverish dubstep and trap percussion in the first drop, followed by a fast paced four to the floor pattern in the second. Shocking and abrasive, this real life doctor of optometry shows the power at his disposal through, “men.”

With a runtime of 2:47 ‘men.’ is a quick one, so you may want to play it over again. If you’re into dubstep, a headbanger, or just like dope design, then this tune is for you. With that being said, Doctor Neiman’s new tune ‘men.’ is out now on Play Me Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Doctor Neiman – men. | STREAM

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