EDX ft. Jess Ball – Take Me Home


EDX is taking things a little deeper and darker with his new tune featuring Jess Ball, ‘Take Me Home’. We see its release on Spinnin’ Records. This marks their second collaboration since ‘I Found You (Neptune)’, last May. The notorious Swiss deep house producer and Australian singer-songwriter take their masteries to new heights with this one.

It’s deeper, more soulful, and has an infectious bassline. Accompanied with a sweet melody sung by the lovely Jess, we see EDX’s immaculate studio production skills take flight. This track is perfect for playing while chilling at home on a breezy spring day. Sitting at the window with the sun shining down, its soundscape is luscious, yet catchy. Piano riffs, tech-house beats, and springy synths manipulate the background as you listen. It’s a different sounding track than we’re used to hearing for poolside summer shenanigans. His signature blaring synths still sound off showing us that this is his track. This track is a great introduction to new things to come.

“Take Me Home is my first vocal single of 2021 and is a very special record to me. Jess and I had such a great time working on ‘I Found You’, so it made perfect sense to reconnect for another collaboration. Jess really is an amazing artist and an absolute pleasure to work with, so I was super excited about the prospect of getting in the studio together again. It’s a little deeper and darker than our first record and I’m so happy with the result. Hope you guys like it!” 

EDX on the record

The stoic Swiss artist never ceases to amaze us and take us on a bright, musical journey with his music. This is a fitting release for Spinnin’, as one of the labels he is currently signed with. Listen to his newest track below.

EDX ft. Jess Ball – Take Me Home