“Doof Shed” Breaks Guinness World Record for Smallest Club


Guinness Book of World Records for the Smallest Nightclub has been set yet again. Previously held by Club 28 in Rotherham, in England. However, this week was shattered by a new hot mini club, Doof Shed.

Doof Shed with its Inventors

The awesome pint-sized nightclub was crafted from a custom-built shed measuring 1.53m x .74m x 1.88m. Built by twin brothers and musicians, Harry Nathan and Evangelos ‘Boonie’ Labrakis. “Doof Shed” the intimate venue has all of the draws of a full-sized nightclub. In spite of the size, this one-of-a-kind experience is fully equipped with all of the usual club amenities. Featuring Pioneer DJ setup, sound system, smoke machine, and lighting.

“Doof Shed” nightclub first hit the Sydney scene last year when restrictions started to lift. But soon will officially open to the public with proceeds going back to mental health charities that have struggled during the pandemic.

“Dance music culture continues to experience setbacks worldwide, with music festivals and nightclubs closing or being cancelled at a rapid rate. The landscape has become very difficult for promoters to schedule future events, running the risk of having their events cancelled last minute due to COVID restrictions or sudden government lockdowns,” says Harry.

To enter the ballot to experience The Doof Shed in all its glory, head here. Check out the promo video for Doof Shed nightclub below: