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Hyper Makes His Powerful mau5trap Debut With ‘Impact Weapon’

Hyper is one artist that never fails to deliver memorable and thematic tracks, this time proving it to mau5trap fans through his debut release on the label, ‘Impact Weapon‘. Remarkably, this is the first single ahead of the forthcoming Control EP, so we’re ecstatic to know more music is coming!

If you don’t know about Hyper yet find his sound pallet familiar, it might be due to his score for none other than the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer in 2018. Naturally, given the producer’s talent, the soundtrack left people in awe. All you have to do is read the top comment with 12K likes on the video…”That soundtrack goes so hard.” Moreover, he lent his sound over to film, one of which is Bladerunner 2049.

Moving forward in time up to this release, you’ll quickly realize the comment is not exclusive to Cyberpunk’s soundtrack. ‘Impact Weapon’ indeed goes hard with its utterly belting and brutal production.

“This is one of my favourite tracks of late. Pure energy. Rooted more than likely in the way we’re all feeling with regards to the pandemic, as well as commenting on the political and racial unrest right now, here in the US and abroad. It’s a pure release of pressure and frustration built up inside during this last year.

Hyper – press release

Kicking off, a sense of impending danger is created through the eerie urgency in the introduction. Following, Hyper dives us headfirst into his sonic world with crunching bass tones and driving rhythm. That’s not all, as the whole track is just a highlight of everything that makes the producer sought after. From the sound design to the atmosphere and theme, no stone is left unturned.

Listen to Hyper debut on mau5trap through the release of ‘Impact Weapon’ off his forthcoming Control EP below!

Husam Alzgheibi
Husam Alzgheibi
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