Joyhauser Unveil Powerful ‘Knaldrang‘ EP


Following up their much-acclaimed remix to Amelie Lens’ ‘Hypnotized‘, Joyhauser present their Knaldrang EP on Reiner Zonneveld‘s label, Filth On Acid. This turns out to be a raucous techno work in which the duo show us what they’re really made of.

Throughout the 4 songs of the EP, we can find psychoactive synth waves that mark the Belgian duo’s remarkable take on techno music. Some songs can make us feel like we are in a whirlwind with ravers moving to the rhythm. The cosmic elements of each of the songs will surely appeal to listeners, especially those who love acid techno.

It is a trip that confirms Joyhauser’s cover letter. This is the one where they mention having a style combining various elements to provide a rave of great proportions. Having influences from techno, trance, Belgium’s own distinct rave sound, and a myriad of other styles. All this reflects feelings of deep melancholy with repeated motifs, contagious rhythms, and powerful energy all wrapped up in their own distinctive flavor.

Joyhauser Knaldrang EP

Joyhauser Besides Knaldrang EP

Joyhauser have been working throughout recent years on their position as a reference within the world of techno. This promising duo has already developed a notorious reputation throughout Belgium. Joyhauser sustains an impressive arsenal of hard-hitting rhythms accompanied by captivating and brooding strings. Raw techno mixed with epic harmonies is the main ingredient of its signature sound.

They played and were praised in almost every club in Belgium, performed at various big festivals like Extrema Outdoor, Tomorrowland, and Pukkelpop. They are rapidly conquering other countries with visits to Spain, France, and the Netherlands.

You can listen to Joyhauser – Knaldrang EP below!