Martin Garrix Remixes EURO 2020’s Official Song ‘We Are The People’


Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix released a remix of the EURO 2020 official song ‘We Are The People’. This amazing production was the result of a very prolific collaboration between Bono, The Edge (U2 members), and the EDM legend Martin Garrix.

Martin Garrix wanted to take ‘We Are The People’ to the next level, or at least transform it in order to make it have more of the Garrix essence. Although the track could be tagged as a pop one, the remix makes it a little bit more exciting. Garrix shared, “Made a remix of We Are The People with Bono & The Edge to play this once the festivals start again. Can’t wait to be back on stage!”

Martin Garrix We Are The People

Besides, the official video of ‘We Are The People’ by Bono, The Edge and Martin Garrix is very sentimental and represents unity, emotions, and effort, some of the values that the football tournament looks forward to sharing. The video transmits wonderful vibes in a time when the pandemic is starting to get to its end.

While football tournaments are taking place with limited capacity, big festivals are still struggling to confirm their celebration. While we wait, make sure to check Martin Garrix’s remix of ‘We Are The People’ below!