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MEDUZA Plays A Live Set From The Rhone-Alpes In France As Part Of EWAX Festival

In recent times, we have been blessed with an influx of great DJ sets. These would obviously be from some of our favorite artists. Due to the nature of the internet, many of these sets have taken place from amazing venues and exotic locations. Additionally, we could thank live streamers like Cercle for the rise in unique sets too. One such location is that of the Rhone-Alpes in France, and the artists in question? None other than the legendary house act Meduza, brought to us, courtesy of the EWAX Festival. In the past, sets like these would be one-offs, and were ‘you had to be there moments.’ Now, thanks to the advent of Youtube and the internet, we can relieve these epic sets at a moment’s notice.

With a run time of 1 hour and 8 minutes, this set is the perfect amount of time to get you grooving. It’s the perfect video to get you warmed for a night out, or perhaps to use as some background noise for some weekend cleaning. Whatever it is that you do, be sure to check it out. You won’t want to miss this, as it’s an hour-plus of quality house music. With that being said, be sure to check out this dope set of Meduza live from the Rhone-Alpes in France, with EWAX Festival. In conclusion, the full video can be found here, as well as below. Enjoy!

Lastly, for the full setlist, be sure to check out 1001Tracklist, here.

Matt Sierra
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