Sabai And Rave New World Collide On ‘Me + You’ On Monstercat


Sabai is back on Monstercat with an infectiously catchy and bright single titled ‘Me + You‘ alongside Rave New World. It’s their first collaborative track, and they truly deliver a remarkable track packed with emotivity and euphoric energy.

‘Me + You’ kicks off with a lush acoustic guitar melody alongside a pad and vocal chops. From that point, the vocals seep their way in as soft keys act as a bed, taking the track to another level. Rising, we get a future bass stylistic chorus with a wide sound, all while guitars maintain a passionate distance. That’s not all, as the overall build keeps our ears in tune, even featuring a couple of lovely guitar licks here and there.

Moreover, the percussive elements in the song hit well, complimenting the overall production at every point. Sabai certainly has a particular edge when it comes to combining acoustic sounds alongside pop and electronic elements. In addition, having Rave New World within the mix simply amplifies the experience, and it’s one to hear out.

Listen to Sabai and Rave New World fuse their unique sounds on ‘Me + You’, out via Monstercat below!