Spain Clubs Begin Reopening One Region at a Time


Starting this week, clubs in Spain will be able to open their doors. The announcement follows an Interterritorial Health Council vote a couple of weeks ago that aimed to prepare all regions to ease COVID-19 restrictions. In fact, each of the 17 regions – including island territories – are now in control of their own plans for lockdown easing. Indoor parties already started in some of the big cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Surely, many Spaniards will be happy to get back out there.

Despite all this, there are still capacity restrictions in place. Nightclubs in Catalona can only welcome 50% of it’s full capacity. However, capacities are set to 75% for Madrid venues. Along with capacity restrictions, there is also other health guidelines that are still in place. As a matter of fact, face masks are mandatory on the dancefloor in Barcelona and no more than six people are allowed in each group of attendees.

For the night owls out there, many nightclubs in the country will close at 3AM. Other regions like La Rioja, Murcia, and Valencia still have curfews at 2AM. Meanwhile, Galicia and Navarre will keep the doors of nightclubs closed until at least July.

Having 17 different sets of rules could become confusing for some travelers. If you’re planning to travel to Spain, you should prepare yourself accordingly. Since June 7, anyone who has been fully vaccinated can enter Spain for a vacation without proof of a negative Covid test. All travelers — wherever they’re coming from — must complete a Health Control Form (HCF). The form can be completed via the Spain Travel Health website or app. It will generate a QR code which must be shown on arrival in the country.

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