This Ain’t Bristol Is Relaunching Label This Summer


This Ain’t Bristol, the globally-recognized house music label, made the decision to swiftly close in 2019. This decision was made after accusations of sexual assault against one of its founders, producer and DJ Billy Kenny.

It was rumored that the plan was to keep Billy Kenny on board to lead the relaunch earlier this year. However, today it was announced that the label will resume operations this summer without Kenny. 

The new unannounced leadership will take the reins of the label reboot. They have support from original label co-founder Maximono and consultation by label expert Label Worx. Their intent is to reinstall This Ain’t Bristol’s values of ‘Good Vibes House’: great music, talented artists, and transparency with a zero-tolerance policy.

This Ain’t Bristol gained its recognition known for showcasing talent from all over the globe, such as Mat.Joe, Ardalan, and Kyle Watson. Since today’s announcement of the summer launch, fans are rejoicing and showing support in anticipation of the brand recreation.