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[BREAKING] Tomorrowland 2021 Likely Cancelled After Permit Denied

It looks like 2021 is yet another year without our favorite festival, Tomorrowland. Organisers just announced that the authorisation for the 2021 edition has been rejected.

The municipalities of Boom and Rumst are banning the holding of Tomorrowland this year, the festival organizers announced on Thursday. It’s a real shock to the scene and the fans. In a joint press conference, the mayors of Boom and Rumst said the risks to “public health and safety” were too great for Tomorrowland 2021 to continue. This is why they refuse the permit that the organization needs to set up the festival. “It comes like a hammer, very hard and unexpected,” explains the organization Tomorrowland in a first response.

According to VRT, the reason of this ban would be the oabsence of any ministerial decree allowing such big events to take place. The limit so far is still 400 attendees according to the municipalities. Furthermore, the declaration brings up the COVID pass check. Local Police worries that doing extra ID checks on the “Covid Safety Ticket” “would take so much time and the police will not have enough capacity to focus on important tasks”

We haven’t had a festival for 2 years, which is very heavy both financially and emotionally. We wanted it so much, we want to move forward,” said spokesperson Debby Wilmsen.

Earlier this month, Belgium announced that all events will be allowed with a maximum of 75000 capacity, which includes Tomorrowland.

We are waiting for further official statments by Tomorrowland or the Belgian officials, stay tuned.

Mohammed Bakhtaoui
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