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Von Galo & Typow Drop New Music Video for Their Single ‘Chains’

Today, Mexican artist Von Galo releases a music video for his song with ‘Chains’ with singer songwriter Typow. Von Galo, real name Gonzalo von Bertrab, is an electronic music producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist rising in the scene since 2017. His first single ‘Chains’ was a collaboration with JChristen (co-producer), Typow (singer), and AB (saxophonist). The track reached over almost three million streams across all platforms. To celebrate this success, the artists came together to create an official music video that is out on youtube now.

In addition to this single, Von Galo has released more singles from 2018 onwards. As an independent artist, he has struck a balance between music and other other industry related jobs. Today, he is one of the co-founders of the record label Torii Tapes, which is a collaboration with his co-producer and manager. The label has allowed him to release music more constantly. Their first official release will be Von Galo’s next single, coming soon.

Also on the track, Typow is a singer-songwriter from Monterrey NL, México. At 22 years old, Typow has performed at great Mexican venues like Arena Monterrey, Pal Norte, Cabuland, EDC, Foro Didi and nightclubs. He has collaborated with artists like Los Claxons, Mr. Pog, Caztro, Leon Leiden and DAAZ, among others. Typow’s dream is to make his music reach people all over the world and create a unique sound to what is playing right now in the Latin American market.

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