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Voodoo Music + Art Experience Skips Halloween 2021

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is skipping 2021 and will return during Halloween 2022. Organizers announce the event’s postponement on social media.

The New Orleans event was set to take place on October 29 – 31. However, according to the cancellation statement, various events will be returning as the city returns to normalcy.

“As our city reopens with an abundance of events to reconnect with, we look forward to holding our reunion when we can fully embrace the Voodoo experience,” the statement reads.

This October, a variety of music festivals are seeking to make their return. This year’s usual summer festival season will be rolling over to the Fall.

Some fans are thankful for Voodoo’s decision to skip 2021 due to its clashing dates with other shows. However, other festival-goers are disappointed with the decision.

Stay tuned for updates on Voodoo 2022.

Voodoo 2021 Skip announcement

Sophia Medina
Sophia Medina
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