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ARTY Takes Us Into A Hopeful World With ‘Fight For’

The Russian trance, house, and progressive talent ARTY presents his most recent single, ‘Fight For’, on Armada Music. More than three minutes of joyful moments with his signature progressive party vibes, ready to be enjoyed at home or an intimate event.

Throughout time, ARTY has maintained his name within the electronic scene. In this period of the pandemic, he released several singles. They have preserved the beauty of music in the midst of these dark periods. Now he’s back with a future anthem under the arm of the iconic Armada Music label.

Following the line of his previous single called ‘One Night Away’, ‘Fight For’ comes out to give strength to anyone who listens to it. In this period of uncertainty, having a reason to fight and push on with hope can be very empowering.

‘Fight For’ is one of the songs that take you a day or two to make a version to test out in your live shows, but it takes forever to get it done and ready for release. Since day one, I imagined this song as a tribute to the strong, fighting spirits that exist in all of us. Despite all the challenges life has assembled for us, even in the moments when we’re ready to give up, we somehow manage to find the deep inner strength that helps us to push through. And even if this isn’t enough, there will be someone’s hand we can grab and hold on to, because we’re not alone.”

arty fight for

The track opens up with a hopeful vocal accompanied by light yet powerful piano notes. It once again shows the great talent of the Russian artist. It will surely appeal to many loyal fans of this DJ and producer. Onward, the guitars and percussion build the perfect environment to enjoy the party drop in the middle of the song. This record is ready to take listeners on a journey that brims with ardent melodies and textures at every moment.

You can listen to ARTY – ‘Fight For’ below!

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