DJ Snake and Malaa Collab with New Release ‘Ring the Alarm’


DJ Snake and the ever-elusive Malaa just dropped ‘Ring the Alarm‘. It’s a track that captures their iconic styles while also lyrically making some noise.

It starts out with the lyrics ‘Turn off the radio/turn off the bullshit‘. These lyrics are repeated and accompanied by an alarm sound until the first drop. After, Malaa’s signature fast-paced house style then takes over, wonderfully complementing the intense soundscape. This house-feel blends into the rest of the three-and-a-half-minute track.

‘Ring the Alarm’ is high-energy and high-impact. It’s also danceable and a perfect club or festival track due to the house vibes DJ Snake and Malaa blend into this new release. Moreover, the lyrics are sharp and potentially suggest a deeper theme, one that is explored in their visualizer. And, who knows? Maybe they’ll feature it in a future Secret Room B2B.

You can listen to the new DJ Snake and Malaa release and watch the visualizer below!