MEDUZA Takes Us Deeper with Incredible Remix Of Faithless’ ‘Innadadance’


Few artists have managed to come out of quarantine swinging. One of these few is none other that the Italian dj/ producer trio known as MEDUZA. Back when the mysterious trio burst onto the scene with their debut single ‘Piece Of Your Heart’ in 2019, no one really knew what to expect from them. Now, following a slew of original tracks, and remixes, we know just what they are capable of. The idea of new music from the trio is exciting, and something we look forward to. Today, we get just that, new music from MEDUZA, by the way of a new remix. The remix in question is a track called ‘Innadadance’ by the legendary Faithless, featuring Suli Breaks and Jazzie B.

If you’re familiar with MEDUZA’s original music, I’m sure you can pick up on the fusion of house music and pop overtones. That said, their live sets are anything but pop – instead, they sit more on the deep side of things. The same could be said about their remixes, and their remix of ‘Innadadance’ is no different.

If you’re a fan of Faithless, deep house music, or just MEDUZA, this is a tune for you. The track is out now, and can be streamed below!