Space Yacht Drops New Installment Of Their House Compilation Series In Tech My House Vol. 2!


Every now & again we get blessed with a standout track courtesy of Space Yacht. Today, we are receiving one such blessing, fourteen times over. I say this, as Space Yacht has just released the second installment in their ‘Tech My House’ series, in Tech My House Vol. 2. If you’re a fan of tech-house or the Space Yacht brand as a whole, this is a compilation that you do not want to miss.

Tune Reactor

If you weren’t aware, 90% of the singles found on Tech My House Vol. 2 were discovered, and signed through Space Yacht’s Twitch show, Tune Reactor. This same process also applies to their bass compilation series, known as ‘Big Bass Ting‘. Tune Reactor launched during the pandemic, allowing smaller, lesser-known artists to make themselves known, while simultaneously leveling the A&R playing field.

When asked about Tune Reactor, co-founder LondonBridge had the following to say:

“The great thing about the way we do A&R is that it’s all live on our Twitch stream,”

“It enables us to source records from all over the world. We don’t care if you have a manager or a big social media following. If the music is great, we sign it. It’s as simple as that.”  

Through Tune Reactor, rising producers are able to submit their music directly to Space Yacht live, without facing the music industry’s typical gatekeeping practices. From there, Space Yacht signs the tracks they love and truly believe in. Social media followings & industry connections mean nothing when it comes to Tune Reactor, which is exactly how I think things should be. With that being said, let’s check out what Tech My House Vol. 2 is all about.

Tech My House Vol. 2

As stated before, Tech My House Vol. 2 is made up of mostly rising stars. These include names such as ŌséNot Not, and Contribe. In addition to this, Tony HOBAŸASHINico CrespoHeim, can also be found. If you’re a fan of Pass The 40Capozzior Xenothen you’re in luck, as they are also on Tech My House Vol. 2.

With that being said, while there are some newer names on the Space Yacht compilation, more familiar names such Arnold & Lane can also be found on the tracklisting with their track “Momma Told Me”. The Los Angeles-based duo, Arnold & Lane actually headlined the first Space Yacht event back, post-pandemic, and have been making major waves in the tech-house community. They are doing so through releases on Dirtybird & Insomniac Records, respectively.

The comp features what can be considered an ‘instant classic’ courtesy of No Thanks & San Pacho with their track “What’s Up”, which also happens to be their first release on Space Yacht Records. In addition to this, the UK-based DJ & producer Chapter & Verse, has one of the compilation standouts with “Walk With Me”. This tune is dope, as it features a huge drop & chilling vocals. Lastly, a few of the remaining note-worthy artists featured on Tech My House Vol. 2 include SwavéHitta & Vanilla Ace. They can all be found on the same track, as they all collaborated on ‘When in Miami’.

Space Yacht Records

With that being said, I am positive that there is something for everyone in ‘Tech My House Vol. 2‘. With fourteen tracks in total, the compilation runs deep. If you’ve yet to give the Space Yacht Tech My House Vol. 2 compilation a listen, I highly recommend that you do. In conclusion, Tech My House Vol. 2 is out now on Space Yacht Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Space Yacht – Tech My House Vol. 2 | STREAM

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