Spencer Brown – Silver Linings EP


Spencer Brown returns to LNOE134 with a two-track EP titled ‘Silver Linings‘. Both tracks reflect his brand of forward-thinking dance music that defy industry trends. This EP follows his successful remix of ‘Geb’ by Dubspeeka. He just played a great comeback show at Day Trip in LA for the 4th of July weekend. Now, we’re ready for more.

Firstly, ‘Cumulonimbus Incus‘ is eerier, sweet, and mysterious from the start with chords that chime a most interesting melody. Accompanying this is a propelling bassline that exudes a minimalist soundscape. Named after a cloud, it personifies a light, airy atmosphere with techno elements to make it move. Secondly, ‘Sea Cavern‘ takes you for a dive into the deep with more of a club room vibe. Heavy drums patterns provide the foundation for the track, where a symphony of other experimental instrumentals intertwines with it. What’s more, is as you listen on, you’ll find yourself exploring an aquatic ambience of interstellar proportions.

“Silver Linings EP was entirely written during lockdown. I’m a big fan of atmospheric, more experimental progressive and techno. [Lockdown] provided me with the time to experiment in this vein of production. Once I wrote Cumulonimbus Incus (named after the soaring feeling of my favourite cloud) and Sea Caverns (named after the sonar pulse and deep sea bass), I sent the music to Sasha, one of my biggest inspirations. I’m absolutely honoured that he loved the music. [Last Night on Earth] was the perfect fit for these sounds. While these were written in a dark place during lockdown, getting signed by one of my heroes turned out to be a silver lining of endless COVID studio time.”

Spencer Brown, on Silver Linings EP

Check out Spencer’s latest EP below.

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