Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc & Roland Clark Come Together To Bring Their Latest Single ‘Free’


It’s not every day that we get a fresh release from Fisher‘s Catch & Release record label, but today is one of those days. The tune in question isn’t even a Fisher track, but rather, a Vintage Culture tune. If you’re a house head, I think you’re going to love this one. The tune in question, is titled ‘Free‘, and is a collaboration between Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc, and Roland Clark. Previously, we’ve seen Vintage Culture & Free Inc team up on their track ‘Cali Dreams’ alongside vocalist The Beach. If you’ve ever heard ‘Cali Dreams’, I’m sure you would agree with how good it is. With that being said, after having listened to ‘Free’, I think it’s safe to say that ‘Free’ is a tune of the same quality.


When asked about ‘Free’ Vintage Culture had the following to say:

“I had a vision about being back on the road, about bringing and living the joy of our parties again, the music and the union celebration all around it. I started working on it together with Fancy Inc.”

He continues:

“That has become a message written by me and Roland Clark: a new track and theme of this so desired back to the dancefloors. It is with so much love that I present you with ‘FREE’.  Let’s get together again. See you all!” 

Similarily, Roland Clark had the following to say:

’Free’ was a very liberating tune to write. It gave me hope that there were brighter days on the horizon. Also being able to collaborate with Lukas (Vintage Culture) was a treasure.”

Lastly, Fancy Inc adds:

“The creative process for ‘Free’ was a lot of fun, considering that we haven’t produced such a tech house sound since 2018. We were fresh and ready for this project. Roland Clark’s vocal was the icing on the cake, approaching this theme that is so pertinent to all of us – The return of normality and life as we knew it!”

If you’ve yet to give ‘Free’ a listen, I highly recommend that you do. While not so much on the Brazilian bass side, or progressive, this tune is a straight tech house banger. It only makes sense for it to be released on Catch & Release. With that being said, Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc & Roland Clark’s newest colab, ‘Free’ is out now on Catch & Release, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc & Roland Clark – Free | STREAM