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[WATCH] Solomun’s Five Hour Closing Set At EXIT Festival

In case you missed it, catch Solomun’s full five-hour closing set from EXIT 2.0 Festival over the weekend. It took place in Serbia, with the king playing on Sunday, July 11th at the mts Dance Arena. Feast your ears and relive the moment with several ID tracks still yet to be named. This auditory journey and official video will take you back to soaring heights of his sultry music.

It starts off with a tribal chant, ethereal by nature, from Esma in ‘Dzelem, Dzelem’. Following this and blending into it is his track ‘Take Control‘ featuring Anne Clark. It brings out the inquisitive nature of you as you continue to listen and see where it’ll take you next. Soon after, you’re taken to the arena where the crowds sway and remind you what events used to be like before the pandemic. With happy goers and photographers around, the energy is real and in full bloom. Music ranges from Eli Brown & MANT with ‘Feel Good‘ to Leftwing:Kody’s piece ‘I Feel It‘. Loco Dice gets an appearance in there and so does Cirez D’s On Off‘. He features many labels on his set from Toolroom, Mouseville, Fragile, Yoruba, Desolat, Ninja, Diynamic, Sola, and more.

You’ll find shots of him at the decks, concentrating on his craft. Attendees fill the hills as they surround the area to witness his comeback. Intensity builds up as the cameras slowly pan to his hands spinning and mixing. The stage is encompassed with LED screens lights up as he plays tune after tune. He switches the energy from funky techno to some piano house grooves towards hour three. As the people on stage continue to rock their hearts out to the set, they keep that same frenetic atmosphere going all the way to the end.

With over 20 unknown ID tracks, fans can look back on this video to reminisce on the music while time hopefully releases these tracks. Check out the tracklist here and enjoy the video below.
Nina Chiang
Music and dance feed my soul
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