Yotto Releases Anticipated IDs in ‘Songs You Might Remember From Some Parties’ EP


Yotto unleashed a series of IDs heard on several of his live performances in the form of an exhaustive EP. Its name is Songs You Might Remember From Some Parties, and it is released under his own Odd One Out imprint.

I know that for you, the most frustrating experience is the fact that a song is an ID. Just imagine or remember this: you’re in a special event with Yotto on the decks. You ask people if they know the name of the song that’s playing. They all say, “I don’t know.” The only thing you can do in this situation is to keep that song in your mind andwait until it has an official release, if it even releases that is. Yotto, seeing that many people have the same problem, decided to collect several of his unreleased tracks and put them in a nice EP. And now we have access to it in the form of, Songs You Might Remember From Some Parties.

We start heavy with ‘Just One Groove’. The track through cheerful piano and funky guitar chords invites us to warm up for a great night of dancing. It also fills our souls with yearnings to end up in the club. Consuming the immense energy that this song provides us.

yotto songs you might remember from some parties

Trudow’ continues with positive energy, accompanied by a cryptic vocal. It has a distinct feel for the musical styles of the 80s. The vibes are very much retro feeling. Even so, it is also a great soundtrack for moments that require a lot of concentration. Such as studying or making more songs to color the world.

Flares’ is right in the middle of the EP to provide us with a guide in the midst of party-worthy notes and melodies. To the rhythm of a tech house style chord, Yotto combines melodies worthy of a sunrise on the beach or the beginning of a set to immerse ourselves in a more typical club atmosphere. It can also work for a moment of relaxation in a pool while the DJ plays some good songs in addition to this.

And last but not least, ‘Endless’ is the cherry on top the cake. This is accompanied by happy elements and bleak synths at the same time, an excellent analogy to the farewell. With sounds more worthy of the electronic underground scene, the track is a way of expressing ourselves that we must open our eyes to see what surrounds us. The journey through the EP concludes with track.

Now it is your turn, and you can enjoy the EP by clicking here. Or, you can listen to Yotto-‘Songs You Might Remember From Some Parties’ below!