Ace Aura Brings Prominent Flare On ‘Gem World EP’


Ace Aura continuously grows within the ranks of prominent ranks of producers to keep an eye on, newly releasing a magnificent body of work titled Gem World EP. The 4-track EP is officially out now over on Never Say Die Records, a label that continues to champion forward-thinking artists. That’s not all for the artist, as his continuous streak of releases even included a collaboration alongside Crankdat through ‘The Feeling‘.

“The writing process of Gem World was a very freeing experience. I previously felt like I was stuck making the same types of songs over and over and lost motivation to make music as a result. When I allowed myself to experiment and try out new styles and techniques I rediscovered that enjoyment I thought I had lost forever.”

Ace Aura

Throughout, Ace Aura provides more than sufficient proof of individuality and colorized bass soundscapes that can envelop our senses. The EP body itself provides the artist’s taste without sacrificing either quality or integrity. These days, this is a rather difficult task, but Ace pushes through the trenches to highlight his perspective on a new sound. This is rather invaluable and will continue to inspire new producers to innovate and create, bringing in a new color or flavor.

Listen to the rising interpretive sounds of bass artists Ace Aura on his Gem World EP via Never Say Die Records below.