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camoufly Unveiled ‘Pyramids’ From ‘The Giant’ EP

Mysterious producer camoufly returns with a body of work following the success of his Apotheosis EP, that being the track ‘Pyramids‘, leading the charge from the forthcoming EP tomorrow, The Giant.

Overall, ‘Pyramids’ evokes a distant sensation that calls back in time, while providing a newer introspective element. On one end, the deep grumbling bass and turbulent concept bring about a sensation of movement and unease. Simultaneously, the melodies in terms of the pulling rhythm expand on that notion, bringing it to further fruition.

“’Pyramids’ represents a turning point to the whole EP. It’s the darkest moment, where the atmosphere, the sounds, the chords get moody while the drums keep pumping along”


With so much going on in terms of the production, it’s impressive to see the way camoufly traverses that territory in a manner that makes each individual sound stand out on its own, all while melodies and counter-melodies converge. The artist is clearly on the road toward crafting an individual yet inspired sound, direvative of the old and new.

Listen to camoufly bring a flavor from his The Giant EP coming out tomorrow through ‘Pyramids’ below.

Husam Alzgheibi
Editor & Writer | Press Manager at EMERCIVE | Interned at the Sound and Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in Amman, Jordan. Email:
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