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camoufly Inspires On Sophomore EP, ‘The Giant’

camoufly is here with his EP titled The Giant, bringing beautiful sound weavings through bubbly productions. Previously, Apotheosis resonated with us as a presentation of capacity from the artist, but this new one pushes the envelope further, cementing their stylistic lineation.

Throughout, camoufly forms a distinct universe that’s individual while incorporating elements from around the globe. The body of work is clearly a culmination of personal experiences and influences filtering into expressive sounds. Moreover, The Giant EP generally sustains a fun and high-spirited emotivity.

To me, ‘The Giant’ is something that we have to fight towards every day. It’s like when you think you got over something, you think you did something good and you can rest, but suddenly you’ve got to deal with something else. ‘The Giant’ is our life’s pains and difficulties.


First of all, getting down to the tracks themselves, each one has a particular feeling moving throughout. However, they’re strung together by a tightly knit concept moving from one space into another. Therefore, there’s both a cohesive experience and a newfound listening experience when going through the EP.

Listen to camoufly impress through introspective soundscapes on his sophomore EP, The Giant, below.

Husam Alzgheibi
Editor & Writer | Press Manager at EMERCIVE | Interned at the Sound and Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in Amman, Jordan. Email:
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