Glasgow Club to Use Dancers Body Heat to Power the Venue


Scottish nightclub SWG3 is introducing a new system that will use dancers’ body heat to power the venue. The warmth will be used as a source of energy, powering the Music, lights, and electricity.

Have you ever felt too hot in a crowded club? you probably did. Have you ever wondered what would happen if all that heat was used as an energy source? Well, SWG3 Club in Glasgow did and made it happen.

According to estimations, a human body radiates about 100 watts of heat, a number that adds up fast in a crowd and confined space. If you add to that some dance moves and a long night, you end up with an interesting amount of power going to waste in the atmosphere. 

Therefore, the goal is to utilize the warmth on the dancefloor. Allowing a minimal consumption of electricity and gas on site. Thus having fewer expenses for the venue, and most importantly minimizing our carbon emissions. The estimation indicates that this new technology will save up to 120 tonnes (264555 pounds) of CO2 annually.

Andrew Fleming Brown, SWG3’s Managing Director, explains the reasons behind this decision.

“There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge challenges to the events sector around the world, but it has also created a seismic jolt across businesses – underlining the need for a stable and sustainable future. BODYHEAT is our innovative contribution to a global issue, and will help us to dramatically decrease our energy consumption – bringing us one step closer to becoming a carbon neutral venue in the not so distant future.”

Andrew Fleming Brown – SWG3 managing director

The nightclub is aiming to go net-zero emissions by November.