Cosmic Gate – Nothing to Hide


After the release of ‘Feel It’, ‘Blame‘, and an upcoming album announcement, Cosmic Gate is back with ‘Nothing to Hide‘. MOSAIIK, their new album, is coming out on August 20. But in the meantime, the release of ‘Nothing to Hide’ prepares us for the big release.

This new release is in line with Cosmic Gate’s signature sound. It’s also yet another collab with Diana Miro, who is featured in ‘Blame’. The track is trance heavy, and continues to build as it progresses. Soft, chill synths start it off, and the airy vocals of Diana Miro allow ‘Nothing to Hide’ to increase in energy as continues.

Sad piano sounds make their way into the half point mark of the track before a more uplifting drop. Expertly crafted and uniquely bittersweet, ‘Nothing to Hide’ is absolutely worth a listen. This new release only leaves us more excited for the upcoming Cosmic Gate album!

You can listen to ‘Nothing to Hide’ below.