EDMTunes Selects 3 [Featuring: Salvatore Ganacci, Pindell, Friendzone]


We dug through our submission page to highlight some tracks that you should take the time to listen to! Thanks to all the incredibly talented artists who submitted and continue to do so, EDMTunes is bringing you a curated list. Our team is set on providing producers a platform to have their art showcased. This is part of our ongoing series, so feel free to submit your own tracks through our portal here or Submithub!

This week, we bring you 3 stellar tracks each with its own unique flair, each deserving a moment to shine.

Salvatore Ganacci – Fight Dirty

At this point, we’re all familiar with Salvatore Ganacci’s name, whether it’s the music or stage antics. Overall, the producer always gives us something entertaining providing a unique experience, and that also can be said about ‘Fight Dirty’.

Musically, the bouncing and infectious rhythm work in tandem with the bassline for a track that keeps us moving. In addition, the heroic and intense production function perfectly given the music video. To note, the video takes fighting anime to heart, including Japanese voice actors. However, the release itself is actually coming through MDL Beast, a creative platform based out of Saudi.

Pindell – In Front Of Me (feat. TRØVES)

Pindell put their melodic talents with the transcendent vocals delivered by TRØVES to bring us ‘In Front Of Me’ via ARWV. From beautiful soundscapes provided from the pads and cozy feeling, down to the guitars bringing a sleek feel, all the elements come together starkly. Furthermore, the chorus just opens up the sounds even further, bringing energy and a memorable melody. At the end of the day, when hearing this song, it’s a fantastic example of teetering between the edges of melancholy and serenity.

Friendzone – Glow In The Dark (feat. Nevve)

Finally, coming in as another standout track is what Friendzone crafted on ‘Glow In The Dark’ featuring Nevve. Kicking off, it’s silky melodic arps and soft pads from the start, then intertwining with Nevve’s stark vocal delivery. In addition, the layers continue to compound as percussive elements build into an ear-worm bridge. This leads into a recurring singular distorted bass tone that provides a fundamental edge, highlighting the following melodic and uplifting production.

Keep your eyes peeled on this series, as there’s a lot more to come, and many more artists to highlight.