Helloworld Drops ‘Only Way Out’ With Insomniac Records


Out of the blue, future bass artist Helloworld released a new track titled ‘Only Way Out‘ via Insomniac Records. In detail, the new track starts off with a lush vocal and 8-bit synths that lead you into a verse of delicate guitar strings. Continuing, the build puts you into a future bass-style drop with one-of-a-kind flurried arpeggios. ‘Only Way Out’ is a song every melodic bass follower will add to their playlist.

Here are some words from Helloworld.

“I’m incredibly excited to be able to call Lost In Dreams the home for this track. Insomniac kills it at everything they do, and they proved this once again with their new endeavor: Lost In Dreams. I’m so excited that they are going to be shining more light on some of the amazing vocal-driven and melodic electronic music out there and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

– Helloworld

This release is setting up the project for Insomniac’s Lost In Dreams festival. The festival is supposed to take place Labor Day weekend at the Las Vegas Events Center. Before, Helloworld released ‘Voices‘, another future bass banger. ‘Voices’ features artist Pauline Herr and landed on SLANDER‘s label, Heaven Sent. Together, the two new tracks make this project a must-see during Lost In Dreams music festival. They’ll take the stage playing along the likes of Gryffin, Seven Lions, K?D, Elephante, and more.

Helloworld made a powerful introductory statement through the music and seems unstoppable in their genre of choice. We will not be surprised when their tracks give them headlining positions for all the future bass lovers out there.

Stay tuned for more about Helloworld, and listen to ‘Only Way Out’ below.