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Know Before You Go: The Lost In Dreams 2021 Compilation

Curious about what Lost In Dreams 2021 will be like? Well, here’s a playlist that will give you all the previews you need before attending. The newest world within the Insomniac universe for future bass, vocal-driven, and melodic dubstep is about to make its debut this Labor Day Weekend. Secondly, it features Manila Killa B2B Chet Porter, Kaivon, Moon Boots, pluko, Elephante, Crystal Skies, Haywyre, SG Lewis and so much more. Downtown Las Vegas’s Convention Center is about to get its own lane.

Thirdly, the Dreamland will have three dreamlike stages and it’s anyone’s guess as to what it will look like. But with Insomniac at the helm of production, you know it’s going to be memorable. Expect a multidimensional environment of light, color, and sound. Now, the playlist consists of 19 songs from the headliners. Based on the soundscapes of them all, we can expect all the feels to be brought out over the weekend. It’s been quite the year with venues changing and COVID regulations fluctuating. But now that we have established entry guidelines, we can go about our events safely and be there to enjoy what we came for. The music.

The sounds of Nurko’s melodic dubstep to the funky beats of Moon Boots will make a very chill atmosphere. For other artists playing this inaugural festival means their world is about to take off. Check out Taylor Kade’s ‘Satellite’ for a track riddled with emotion and excitement. He wants everyone to laugh, dance, and live life to the fullest. This is the festival where light comes out from all the darkness that has happened in the past.

Who could forget the melodic dubstep master Seven Lions? No one, so catch him, Jason Ross, Yung Bae, k?d, Cassian, and much more for a weekend of energy, emotion, and love. This is peace, love, unity, and respect.

Listen to the Lost in Dreams playlist below. Who’s excited?
Nina Chiang
Music and dance feed my soul
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