Thomas Xavier Fuses Comedy And Music With New Track, ‘Make That Kitty Purr’


Thomas Xavier is back at it, and we couldn’t be happier. In the past, we’ve covered a few of his tracks such as ‘Go To Church‘, ‘Ballin‘, and most recently ‘Can’t Stop Me‘. If you haven’t listened to these, I highly recommend that you do, as they do well to establish the Thomas Xavier sound. Through his music, his personality as well as his taste is palpable. Continuing this trend is his newest track, titled ‘Make That Kitty Purr‘. If this is your introduction to Thomas, you’re in for a treat.

Make That Kitty Purr

‘Make That Kitty Purr’ is a single from his EP. With that said, the EP has been nothing short of a stampede of mouth-watering G-house. Each tune manages to light a fire under the ass of anyone within earshot, with each tune being hotter than the last.

When asked about the tune, Thomas Xavier had the following to say:

‘Make That Kitty Purr’ is the defining track for the EP, combining my love for comedy & music into a fanfare of ass shaking. It’s good for the kids.”

After having given the tune a listen, I couldn’t agree more. This is a tune that I can easily imagine a lot of “ass shaking” being done to. With a run time of 3:23, this is a tune that will really get you moving. With that said, if you’re into good music, groovy baseline, or just funny vocals, then this is the tune for you. Thomas Xavier‘s ‘Make That Kitty Purr’ is out now on iamrecords, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Thomas Xavier – Make That Kitty Purr | STREAM

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