Tisoki Stuns With One Of The Best Albums This year, ‘01953’


Tisoki finally unveiled his stellar, genre-bending, and mind-blowing debut album, 01953 via Monstercat. While the body of work itself is forward-thinking in its own right, the title itself alludes to Tisoki’s postal code in his UK hometown. With that in mind, the artist calls back upon his roots, bringing a personalized perspective shaped through experience and time. Moreover, all that the artist has known since day one is music and creative expression, so this comes through as a natural extension.

“I’m so excited to share my debut album ‘01953’ with the world. It’s been a year in the making through some very tough times and I feel it’s a true representation of the art I want to put out.”


On one end, there’s trap and grime, while on the other, experimental bass and dubstep. What fuels 01953 is a passionate calling back to the past alongside filtration through individuality. Overall, receiving influence from the underground scenes of the world tends to push forth sonic cultures throughout the world. In this case, Tisoki aims to bring a piece of his past into the present, finding appreciation in the textures and nuances presented. Beyond, he is renowned for his sonic talents, receiving praise and support from plenty of influential artists within the electronic music sphere such as Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Mija, DJ Snake, and more.

Listen to the mind and genre-blowing debut album that Tisoki delivered, 01953, out via Monstercat below! In addition, we had the pleasure of chatting with Tisoki, getting to know the person behind the project. It will be published soon, so keep your eyes peeled!