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Apple Music Seeks to Monetize DJ Mixes

Are the days of fighting over the AUX cord at parties coming to an end? There has been a shift for many in the way music is played at social gatherings, as people are getting more into playing mixes of late. They are letting hour-long sets ride out at parties. Soundcloud has been getting more and more popular as a free service, and the market is beginning to notice. 

Apple Music announced that they are partnering with several dance music companies including DJ-Kicks, Boiler Room, and Tomorrowland. They plan to upload mixes and compensate the rights holders behind them. This means that not only will the DJs performing get a piece of the pie, but those who are sampled as well. Apple Music will build on Shazam’s technology that will help to identify and compensate the individual creators behind each mix. If Rihanna gets sampled, then she gets credit and compensation too. 

Some mixes are already live – Kaskade’s July 17th performance at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles is available for streaming now, among others. It will include both festival performances and club sets, and the platform will continue to expand in the coming months.

Stephen Jabaut
Stephen Jabaut
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