Elements Festival Organizers Issue Statement Following Disastrous Weekend


Last weekend, the fourth annual Elements Festival took place in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, and according to attendees, it did not go well. Festival-goers reported long lines of up to 12 hours just to get in, cars buried in mud, food and water shortages, disgusting bathrooms, no COVID-19 precautions, and much more.

The event was such a disaster, that many are now dubbing it this year’s Fyre Fest, although the festival did actually occur, unlike Fyre Fest. During both festivals, however, attendees found themselves in uncomfortable, unsanitary, and even unsafe conditions during the event.

Elements organizers just issued a statement addressing the events that occurred, blaming much of it on Hurricane Ida. Read their full statement below:

While the statement includes an apology, explanation, and promise to respond individually to comments, many attendees are still not happy with the level of accountability from festival organizers. Many claim they downplayed the events that occurred, blamed it all on Hurricane Ida, and did nothing but offer an apology when attendees deserve more after what transpired last weekend.

Time will tell what effect this year’s festival will have on future Elements events.