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Fabric Announces 24+ Hour Techno Event Series, Continuum

London’s premier venue, fabric, has just announced a new event series where attendees can party to the sounds of techno for more than a full day. Clubgoers will now have the chance to party for 24+ hours at Continuum.

After recently announcing a 39-hour celebration in honor of the venue’s 22nd birthday, the party is just about to get started. Continuum will launch its first show at the London club on November 20-22. The event series will embark from 2021 to 2022.

This first event of the series will welcome performers such as Rebekah, Blawan, and Dave Clarke. Fabric promises guests 24+ hours of uninterrupted music for the event.

In case fans are unable to make it to the first event. the second show will take place on December 11 – 13. Techno lovers will see epic performances by artists Batu, Voigt.Mas., Sugar Free, and more.

“Back in the day fabric used to do [24-hour parties] and the idea now is to bring it back in, to be able to cater for completely different crowds,” said fabric Creative Director Jorge Neito. “It presents a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t have on a regular night. It gives the opportunity to bring up-and-coming or mid-range artists and put them in-between heavyweight acts so they get the exposure they wouldn’t get on a normal night.”

To secure your passes for the two events, be sure to head here and here. You can also watch a video fabric shared, discussing its return to extended events below.

Sophia Medina
Sophia Medina
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