Fairplay Drop Highly-Anticipated Three Track EP On Click Records With ‘Here & There’


FairPlay have arrived, and for proof of this look no further than their latest offering. A three-track EP titled Here & There. Here & There is a special one. I say this, as it features three unique tracks the duo has been using as secret weapons in their sets. The Jordanian duo, composed of Fuad Abu Jaber and Faisal Tadros, have come to be known for their unique take on modern music, with a nomadic twist. After having given the Here & There EP a listen myself, I think you’re going to love it.

Here & There

As stated before, Fairplay‘s Here & There features three distinct tracks, each named after various hues of colors. Having said that, it is easy to see that the EP features a theme, as each tune provides different textures and color based on the concepts and overall builds of each individual track. With that said, this EP is more than enough to induce ‘synesthesia‘ on even the least sensitive of listeners. As listeners dive into the EP, it is easy to tell that there is a ‘gentle yet distinct individual flare’ found in each track, easily portraying the artists’ development of taste over time.

Within the body of work is ‘Aureolin’, being a collaborative effort alongside fellow artists Roth, and Othertune. It was a collaboration waiting to happen.

When asked about the EP, and working with Roth, and Othertune, FairPlay had the following to say:

“We were really excited to work on this EP and do our first appearance on Click Records with our mates Roth and Oliver Nagel. Our goal was to create an EP that had strong melodic elements. The EP combines wild lead sounds and soothing basslines. We can’t wait to play these out”


With a tracklist 3 songs long, this EP is quite the musical journey. Fairplay‘s ‘Here & There’ is a smooth 18 minutes, and 14 seconds, and is more than enough for you to get lost in. If you’re a fan of the more deeper, melodic sides of music, then Fairplay‘s ‘Here & There’ is for you. In conclusion, Fairplay‘s ‘Here & There’ is out now on Click Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Fairplay – Here & There EP – STREAM

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About Fairplay:

Bringing a modern perspective to nomadic-style music, Jordanian alternative duo Fairplay intricately weave musical journeys, taking travellers across a voyage characterized by an eclectic, deep, yet unpredictable route. Their distinct take secured them releases on the esteemed labels Kindisch, Bar 25, Stil Vor Talent, Nightcolours, New Violence, and Slightly Sizzled.

The long-running friendship between Fuad Abu Jaber and Faisal Tadros evidently led to them making music together in 2012. As a result, Fairplay was born with the one goal of making good music without overthinking, all while taking inspiration from music globally and filtering it through their sound and background.