Ibiza Eases Restrictions on Night-Time Social Events


Ibiza, the famed party island off the coast of mainland Spain is easing its covid restrictions. They cited a fortuitous weekend of only 12 reported cases. And beginning September 15th, social gatherings are now permitted between 2:00-6:00AM. Restaurants will also allow indoor groups up to 8, and outdoor groups up to 12.

The White Island moved into the ‘medium risk’ zone; now catching up with the other islands in the Balearic Archipelago. 80% of inhabitants of this region have received at least on dose of the covid vaccine.

Outdoor social gatherings are now permitted, and visitor location forms are being suspended. The island will continue to suffer the closure of its nightclubs until a re-evaluation takes place on September 29th.

It seems the night life, for which Ibiza is known, will be the last thing to return. Right now, famous haunts like Ushuaia remain open. But they will have earlier on closure times, quieter music levels, and only accommodate seated reservations. (AKA No Dancing!)

As a result, a bulk of the night life scene in Europe has moved to Croatia where restrictions are the loosest. Super Club Amnesia hosted a weeklong ‘Ibiza Takeover’ of Croatia in August. And the Yacht Week, a company that offers a yachting based club experience, partied in Croatia all Summer long with no constraints. 

Hopefully in easing up their limitations, Ibiza will once again take its seat as the premier party destination of Europe.