Oliver Heldens Remixes House Classic ‘Another Chance’


Oliver Heldens is back yet again, and does not disappoint. He remixed the iconic Roger Sanchez track, ‘Another Chance‘.

Overall, the track is very heartwarming and upbeat. Just like in the original version, gentle vocals start the track off. The Heldens version, however, is reconstructed with a beautiful, synth-ridden drop. Soft piano instrumentals from the original version make it into the track about halfway in and slow the song down right before jumping back into speedier synths. The remix retains the happy feel and essence of the original 2001 version while adding in synths and a more fast-paced vibe.

Staying True to the Original

When asked about the track, Heldens noted:

Roger’s ‘Another Chance’ is one of my all-time favorite House/Dance music records, so it’s such a big honor for me to do this remix for the 20 year anniversary of this iconic song! While trying to stay true to the original, I went with a more modern Progressive House approach and the result is pretty epic, but still timeless I think.

It’s been a busy year for Oliver Heldens, especially with the many 2021 releases under HI-LO, his techno alias. Recent releases include ‘Ma Luv‘, and ‘Saw Of Olympus‘. HI-LO typically has a darker, moodier vibe, so it’s refreshing to get a positive track that showcases Oliver’s talent. The 2021 version of ‘Another Chance‘ is energetic and expertly blends quality synths into a classic house soundscape. This release is definitely worth checking out, and is a really interesting collab between two legendary musicians.

You can listen to ‘Another Chance’ below!