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Rad Cat Teams Up With Dutch Melrose On ‘Happy Never After’

First-generation Mexican-American Rad Cat is back with another track alongside the talents of Dutch Melrose, and it’s titled ‘Happy Never After‘. Notably, this marks a slight departure from Rad Cat’s previous soundscapes, providing a new flavour while retaining the distinct catchy aspects within the production. Overall, it is an inspired track taking some elements from older sounds while being inclusive of newer stylistic punches.

“Growing up, Blink-182 was my favorite band ever and all the members were my idols. They are the reason that I ended up learning how to play the guitar. Now that my heart lies in the electronic space, it was super cool to be able to make this song with punchy power chords and intense energy.

Rad Cat

Rad Cat and Dutch Melorse fused their sounds together in order to provide a groovy track laced with pulling synths. In addition, the percussion and kick drove an energetic element while the inspired vocals amplified the sensation. It seems like a harmonious combination of indie vocals leaning toward a pop flare while retaining an electronic essence.

Listen to the combination of individual sound by both Rad Cat and Dutch Melrose on ‘Happy Never After’ below.

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