Reddit Video Shows Preview of a Vibey New Skrillex Track


A Reddit video from Sept. 7, 2021 previews a vibey new Skrillex track via a subreddit dedicated to Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex. According to the subreddit, the new tune is titled ‘I Had To Love You From A Distance’. It’s nothing short of perfect for the times, especially now that ravers can finally come together again at live events. 

Although it’s unclear who’s vocals lead the housey song, some speculators claim it’s Swae Lee; if you listen closely, it does sound like the talented California singer. Throughout 2021, Skrillex has been actively releasing music and already produced ‘Too Bizarre‘ featuring Swae.

The Grammy-winning DJ is showing his vast musical ability with so many different-sounding popular releases coming out this year. Some others include ‘In Da Getto‘, his banging reggaetón-house tune with J Balvin, and a groundbreaking electronic mega-collaboration with Noisia, Josh Pan and Dylan Brady from 100 Gecs named ‘Supersonic‘.

Because Skrillex continues to come out with many singles and has made comments about future projects, there is significant anticipation for a sophomore album. Here is what Skrillex said in an article earlier in 2021: 

“I don’t like to say too much,” Skrillex said, “but I mean, I have some projects, I hate the word finishing, but I have all the songs and I’m just in there tweaking and releasing some singles before I decided to put out the bodies of work.”

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Photos via Facebook @skrillex