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Thomas Xavier Wraps Up New EP With Latest Single, ‘Take Over The World’

As an artist, releasing an EP is one of the best feelings in the world. Today, we bring you an artist who has done just that, in the form his new Pussy On A Pedestal EP. The artist is none other than Thomas Xavier, and if you’re a fan, I think you’re going to love it. In the past, we wrote about his tracks ‘Go To Church‘, ‘Ballin‘, ‘Can’t Stop Me‘, and ‘Make That Kitty Purr‘. Now, we bring you his latest track ‘Take Over The World‘, simultaneously wrapping up his Pussy On A Pedestal EP in the process.

Take Over The World

‘Take Over The World’ is easily the most raw, in-your-face production we’ve heard from Thomas Xavier to date. The track features a challenging balance of articulating something that results in a ‘familiar surprise’. Familiarity is felt through the arrangement, sound choice of this track, that is found throughout the Pussy On A Pedestal EP. With that said, ‘Take Over The World’ still manages to provide us with a distinctive personality found through it’s entrancing melodies, uniquely-directed vocal samples, and growling attitude. In case you didn’t know, ‘Take Over The World’ samples ‘Pinky & The Brain’, which I thought was pretty neat.

When asked about ‘Take Over The World’, Thomas Xavier had the following to say:

‘Take Over The World’ is about empowering ourselves through our ambitions.  Pushing towards goals & overcoming challenges is the hero’s journey within us all.  So dance like no one’s watching, and enjoy the ride”

Having said that, this is a good one. With a total runtime of 3:36 you can expect to find yourself having this one on repeat. If you’re a fan of Thomas Xavier, cheeky, party ready house music, or just looking to dance, then Thomas Xavier’s ‘Take Over The World’ is the tune for you. With that said, Thomas Xavier’s ‘Take Over The World’ is out now on iamrecords, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Thomas XavierTake Over The World

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