Argui Unveils ‘Firelight’ feat. Karolina Via Sovereign Records Below


Argui continues his growth as a music producer through the release of ‘Firelight’ featuring Karolina. The track is out now on Sovereign Records, acting as a testament toward what Argui wishes to portray musically. From catchy melodies to clean production, it’s all there within ‘Firelight’, as Karolina brings the performance home.

Kicking off, the glittery start of ‘Firelight’ brings the emotion that’s amplified by Karolina’s vocal performance. It then quickly takes a turn with a chorus that features empowering production packed with melodies. Not only that, but the rhythm itself sustains a memorable build throughout. In addition, that pattern contains itself to form an infectious track through and through.

Listen to Argui present an enchanting track through his latest release on Sovereign Records, ‘Firelight’ featuring Karolina, below.