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Borgore Releases First Track Of Upcoming EP, ‘FYPM’ Feat Jonathan

Borgore explores his house side with a new single together with Jonathan. Released on Armada music, ‘FYPM’ is the first track of his upcoming Slaughterhouse EP. The EP will bring lethal sounds fit for the title.

Borgore is known as one of the bigger names in the bass scene, he produced his 2019 album, The Art Of Gore. Fans might not know it but Borgore also has a very interesting house side, with several notable releases. An example of this is the big-room/EDM hit ‘Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse’. On this occasion, he decided to explore that, alongside Jonathan’s vocals.

Borgore feat Jonathan- ‘FYPM’

FYPM’ is full of elements that fill the track with a unique attitude. From the sound design that’s perfect for the club scene, to Jonathan’s disruptive synths, the entire track is set to be enjoyed by lovers of the genre and those who love riskier things.

Borgore Jonathan ‘FYPM’

I got a vocal from Jonathan. That really inspired me and had one of those ‘HIT’ moments when I started working on it. It actually took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the production behind it. I went back and forth through so many versions, but ultimately, this final came through. It just felt super fun when I added it to my DJ sets, but also different in a ‘I haven’t heard this before’ type of way.”


While the track isn’t something we typically see from the producer, it continues to preserve that crazy and partying essence that he has always had. His dynamic style is why we love him and his antics.

You can listen to Borgore Feat Jonathan- ‘FYPM’ below!

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