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Charlotte de Witte To Play Epic 10-Hour Set All Night Long

Charlotte de Witte is dropping enormous music and not through an EP, but through a 10-hour all-night long set. This is truly a historical moment for her. Taking place in Charlotte’s hometown, Ghent, at the Flanders Expo, join her on February 5, 2022, for her label’s biggest show ever. The event is a joint production with Tomorrowland and Live Nation, and she is going to play all night.

About the Event

Flanders Expo is the second largest exhibition hall in Belgium, and holds 60,000 people. I Love Techno hosted events there and Charlotte already held previous events there as well. KNTXT nights usually bring in 23,000 people but Charlotte is about to break her own records with this massive set. We can expect it to be magnificent, with the highest production quality. What type of set can we expect? She will throw in an eclectic mix with cuts from her collection of thrilling, genre-blurring inspirations that reflect the Belgian’s life from the last 18 months.

Photo Credit: Charlotte de Witte Facebook

‘One of the few things that kept me sane during the past 18 months was keeping up to date with new music that got released. It gave me purpose in a time where all certainties were lost. My music collection has been expanding over the borders of peak-time techno. I’m beyond excited to take you on a 10 hour trip through my musical past, present and future. And honestly, what better place to do this than in my hometown Ghent? The place where it all started for me 12 years ago. This will undoubtedly be a night to never forget’.

Charlotte de Witte

She announced on Twitter that presale begins Monday, October 25th, with general on sale Tuesday, October 26th.

This is KNTXT’s ultimate experience, with a vast space so legendary but it’s going to get even better. They’re transforming it into a KNTXT Wonderland with mesmerizing lights, production, and world-class sound. This is a treat for her biggest fans and

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