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Deadmau5 – Hyperlandia (feat. Foster the People)

Deadmau5 is hot off EDC and into releasing more new music. This time, it’s a slow-burning collaboration with Foster the People and the track is titled ‘Hyperlandia‘. It is a low-lit, intricate, and thought-out mix filled with dizzying synth melodies and anthemic vocals. This is where Foster the People come in. We see its release on mau5trap.

The track starts off with a cosmic melody imbued with synths and a yearning atmosphere. It’s ethereal and electronically neon. Soon, Foster the People enter with their vocals and it hits you with an instant classic feel. Coupled with Joel’s complex production, it still sounds tender with the arpeggiating synths and drum patterns. An intimate track from Deadmau5? Yes, please. Follow along with the lyrics as they sing “Give me your best night / We’re only here for a day so don’t tell me your name”. It goes on with “And just melt into my arms while we disappear in the darkness”.

Hyperlandia means dreams of escape, and paired with the cover art, it suggests this track is perfect for those late-night drives. You know, where you find comfort in dissociating but for the right person, on an adventure. Deadmau5 is known to collaborate with stellar artists and now he can add another star-studded artist. This new release follows the success of his in-game concert series Oberhasli. It takes place inside Core, a premier platform for user-created games and an evolving social/virtual music space. What’s more, is his remaining tour stops for his annual Day of the Deadmau5 in Miami, Freaky Deaky Festival, and a Red Rocks day.

He’s taking over virtual and in real life. Don’t miss a beat and stay tuned with us. For now, you can listen to his newest track below.

Deadmau5 – Hyperlandia (feat. Foster the People) | Buy/Stream

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