DICE, A Music Ticketing + Discovery Platform, Acquires Boiler Room


Boiler Room is joining forces with DICE, a music ticketing and discovery platform. What does this mean? On Boiler Room’s end, a lot will stay the same. The London office and all their original staff will remain. Moreover, DICE and Boiler Room will work together to support artists and navigate an evolving music market.

Phil Hutcheon, Founder and CEO of DICE notes:

“I’ve been a fan of Boiler Room for years and they’re world leading in bringing incredible experiences to fans. Blaise [Boiler Room CEO] and I have been discussing for over a year how to support artists better and the more we spoke, the more excited we were to work together. The combination of Boiler Room with the distribution and technology of DICE creates substantial opportunities in a sustainable, transparent and fair model.”

Additionally, Blaise Belville, Boiler Room, founder, also notes:

“My experience when talking to Phil was inspiring and he immediately recognised how important Boiler Room is, and how much potential we have…. DICE’s belief in ‘powering’ us but allowing Boiler Room to remain our own independent entity, all of this will enable us to move into a new era and be the best version of ourselves.”

This is an exciting partnership! While not one many saw coming, it is one that people are thrilled to see. We’re looking forward to seeing this new collaboration in action, and ready to see what’s next.