EDMTunes Sunday Selects


We dug through our submission page to highlight some tracks that you should take the time to listen to! Thanks to all the incredibly talented artists who submitted and continue to do so, EDMTunes is bringing you a curated list. Our team is set on providing producers a platform to have their art showcased. This is part of our ongoing series, so feel free to submit your own tracks through our portal here or Submithub!

Jonas Myrin – For The Ones We Love (DAG remix)

DAG puts a unique spin on Jonas Myrin‘s ‘For The Ones We Love‘ through his remix. It seamlessly blends in smooth soundscapes with trap beats in an attention-grabbing manner. Moreover, the genre-melding continues as the chorus provides a melodic element. Overall, DAG packs the production and stacking vocals with movement to the brim, forming a totally individual take from DAG.

Wave Point x Skywild – New Horizon

Wave Point brings infectious grooves on ‘New Horizon‘ alongside Skywild, marking one track off his Higher Dimension album, which is out now and available here. Throughout, the progressive production takes us on a journey that has us dancing throughout. From the vocal silhouettes to the melodic synths, and later on the pianos, there’s something to pay attention to at every turn. It truly never gets boring, highlighting the talent on the album, as the kick alone has us dancing in our seat.

Talal – Low Gear

Talal starts us off with a dark and ominous tone as tight kicks converge with scaling synths that addictively bubble up. On ‘Low Gear‘, expect a taste of melodic techno that prominently champions a deeply hypnotic soundscape. However, moving past the first breakdown, the ominous and dark warehouse sensation is heightened onward, presented in addition by the subtle percussive movements. Through and through, Talal crafts a hypnotic journey on ‘Low Gear’, presenting a statement of talent.

BOII – Shelter

Shelter‘ is another calm entry into this list of unmissable tracks, and its cozy statement is crafted by BOII. Nonetheless, albeit calm during the entry, the chorus brings some vibrant dark bass and moving grooves. The balance is a soft one, struck elegantly by the BOII duo, bringing in their sense of lyricism too. It’s no wonder many eyes and ears are currently heading their way, as there’s a lot to unfold.

Bonkr – I see Red

I see Red‘ by Bonkr marks the producer’s first song on Hardwell‘s Gemstone, under Revealed Recordings, and it’s clear why it was picked up. Throughout, the body features deep drowned vocals atop a tech-house rhythm while the body features bass house. Bonkr does the fusion well, pleasantly putting forward a smooth experience that lies somewhere between the silkiness of the past alongside current bass.

Keep your eyes peeled on this series, as there’s a lot more to come, and many more artists to highlight.