New ‘Nebula’ Nightclub Set to Open in Manhattan


Manhattan has been in need of a good dance floor for many years now. Brooklyn has taken for the limelight with venues like Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner, and Output (RIP). But now there is a new space opening up on 135 West 41st Street that seeks to take back the night. The venue is called Nebula.

Nebula is the largest night club space set to open this fall in Manhattan. It has multiple levels, and 11000 square feet of space with 5500 of those feet devoted to the dance floor. It will fit 700 people comfortably and opens this month.

With the world staged for nightlife in a post-pandemic recovery. Nebula is in a particularly good position to open its doors. Artist Curator Rob Toma of TCE presents already has GORDO, Purple Disco Machine, Malaa, and Camelphat ready to play the upcoming Halloweekends prior to the grand opening on November 5th. Tickets are available here for those early bird dates. 

A Nebula is a cloud of space dust and this venue really tries to amplify the interstellar vibe. Its signature feature will be six massive movable video panels that can create different environments and affect the space so that each visit there will prove unique and special. 

The team behind this new midtown dream is Richie Remero (who gave us 1OAK and Up&Down) as well as Yang Gao of MIXX, and Erica Maurer on special events. We look forward to boogie down with them in their new space.